Deck Coating Darwin



This Exciting New Decking Restoration Service Is Taking Darwin By Storm

Deck Coating Darwin is an environmentally friendly business rejuvenating and protecting tired and weather-worn decks to their former glory. "Clients comment their decks look even better than when they were first built."

Deck Coating Darwin has developed an effective preparation and coating system to save customers time and money by providing longer lasting protection and reducing the need for repairs & maintenance.

Our timber coating services include

  • Deck Coating and Cleaning Service
  • Preparation and cleaning of Decking, Doors, Railing & Stairs
  • Sanding of Decking, Doors, Railing & Stairs
  • Coating of Decking, Doors, Railing & Stairs
  • Application of anti-slip to all stairs
  • High-pressured cleaning

Our coating system not only creates an outstanding finish, but also enhances and extends the life of your timber. The special wax contained in the product has excellent water-repellent properties and UV absorbers ensuring additional protection to the coated item.

Using an eco-friendly, cleaning process, the team at Deck Coating Darwin can bring a new lease of life to your favourite space, making dry and cracked timber decks look like new. Using a marine grade sealant coating which nourishes and protects, ensuring a longer life for your timber. The coating has a wax effect, self-sealing, eco friendly and gives great UV protection. It not only produces aesthetically pleasing results but also has great water repelling properties. Its ability to repel water makes this product 2nd to none and should be applied to all timber finishes before impending wet seasons.

Key to achieving the best results, is precise and thorough preparation of the decking prior to application of the timber coating. Deck Coating Darwin uses a proven, ultra-high quality timber coating containing clear iron oxides to offer maximum resistance against both UV, radiation and moisture, the major causes of timber degradation.

A team of highly trained, professional staff assess the condition and material of each individual deck to determine the best approach. The eco-friendly timber coating used by Deck Coating Darwin has 90% less solvent emissions than other leading brands. Minimising the carbon footprint of our business and offering an environmentally sustainable service is imperative to us,

Compared to similar solvent-based coatings, our coating has:

  • No aromatic and aliphatic solvents emissions
  • Drastic reduction in solvents emissions
  • Better colour evenness
  • Faster drying time
  • Non-sticky
Deck Coating with Brush - Cleaning & Deck Coating in Darwin
Deck Stairs - Cleaning & Deck Coating in Darwin